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Take Me Outside Day October 24

On October 24th, all classes at Parkview will celebrate and promote the many benefits of learning outdoors! Did you know that the average Canadian Youth can spend up to 8 hrs a day... Read More

October 26th PA Day

Professional Activity Day Agenda   On Friday, October 26, 2018, Parkview education staff will be focusing their learning primarily on fundamental math processes and skills. Please see agenda below.    Parkview October 26... Read More

We’re Proud of our Student Leaders!

Some amazing citizenship took place last week. Some of our students made look brackets to sell to raise extra funds for the Terry Fox Foundation. They raised $151.80!!! Thanks to all who showed... Read More

Panther Pride at Cross Country

We are very proud of the efforts of our Panthers at Ken Reid for Cross Country today! These students were dedicated in their commitment to practising at recess every day and demonstrated responsibility... Read More

Classroom List 2018-2019

Teacher’s Name Classroom Grade
Mrs. Smeaton & Ms. Stock  Room 1 JK/SK
Mrs. Costello & Ms. Stokes Room 8 JK/SK
Mrs. Purdy & Mrs. Barton Room 7 JK/SK
Ms. Kennedy Room 2 1
Ms. Brown Room 3 1
Ms. Mathews  Room 15 2
Mrs. Ryan  Room 16 2
Ms. Pearson  Room 12 2/3
Mrs. Landreville Room 13 3
Mrs. Russell Room 14 3
Mrs. Lugtenburg Room 18 4
Mrs. Ritchie  Room 217 4/5
Mr. Brown & Ms. Porter Short Portable 2 5
Mr. Toplak  Portable 3 5/6
Mr. Piggott Portable 1 6
Mrs. Neild  Room 4 Bridging
Ms. Leavens Room 5 Practical Academics
Ms. Fell, Ms. Carter  Arts
Ms. Miller, Mr. Maclean, Mr. Stochel  Library. Phys Ed, French
Mrs. Handley



School Schedule

8:35am Entry
8:52-9:40 Period 1
9:40-10:28 Period 2
10:48-10:48 am Nutrition Break
10:48-11:08 Recess
11:08-11:56 Period 3
11:56-12:44 Period 4
12:44-1:04 Nutrition Break
1:04-1:24 Recess
1:24-2:12 Period 5
2:12-3:00 Period 6
3:00 Hometime