Panther Orange and Black Day is Monday!!

This re-post is a friendly reminder.

Hello, Panther Families!

As Hallowe’en is Monday, we wanted to reach out and share some general guidelines. If individual classroom plans are different, classroom teachers will share these details.

★ October 31 will be Orange and Black Day. Students may optionally dress up. While dressing up may be fun for some students, it is not always a feasible option for all students to participate. In order to support an equitable and inclusive environment for all students, we are encouraging a shift to Black and Orange Day. 

★ Staff ability to assist with costumes will be limited. If students aren’t able to independently manage costumes, please choose to participate in Orange and Black Day.

★ Toy weapons, masks and other accessories (e.g. swords, wands, etc.) are not permitted.

We truly appreciate your ongoing support, patience and understanding. Thank you!

Melissa Oke and Mary Handley

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