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Spirit Day Friday

Don’t forget to wear your favourite hat on Friday for Spirit Day! So far this month we have raised over $800 dollars for leukemia!! Some students have even donated their allowance!  We are... Read More

Family Day

A friendly reminder that Family Day holiday is this Monday. The school will be closed. We hope many of our families are able to enjoy this extra time together. Read More

Our Flag

We are deeply saddened by the tragic event that took place at Marjory Stoneman Douglas HIgh School in Florida on February 14th. Flags are lowered across TLDSB. Our thoughts are with the victims,... Read More

Spirit Day Friday

Don’t forget to wear your favourite sports gear or jersey on Friday!  You can always guarantee Mrs. Gibson will be wearing her Raptors gear!! Read More

Classroom List 2017-2018


Teacher’s Name Classroom Grade
Mrs. Smeaton & Ms. Stock  Room 1 JK/SK
Mrs. Costello & Ms. Stokes Room 8 JK/SK
Ms. Brown/Mrs. Alcock & Mrs. Barton Room 7 JK/SK
Ms. Kennedy Room 2 1
Mr. Piggott Room 3 1
Ms. Lugtenburg Room 15 2
Mrs. Ryan  Room 16 2
Mr. Toplak Room 12 2/3
Mrs. Landreville Room 13 3
Mrs. Russell Room 14 3/4
Mrs. Ritchie Room 18 4
Mrs, Miller  Portable 2 5
Ms. Cotton  Room 17 5/6
Ms. Pearson  Portable 1 6
Ms. Jenkins Room 4 BRIDGE
Ms. Leavens Room 5 Practical Academics
Mr. MacLean   PhysEd
Mrs. Groenke Library Library
Mr. Stochel  Portable 1 French
Mrs. Handley   SERT


School Schedule



8:40 am

Period 1


Period 2

10:00 am

Period 3

10:40 am


11:00 am

Nutrition Break

11:20 am

Period 4

12:20 pm

Period 5

1:00 pm

Period 6

1:00 pm


1:20 pm

Nutrition Break

1:40 pm

Period 7

2: 20 pm

Period 8

3:00 pm

Home Time