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EQAO starts tomorrow!

A reminder for all families of our grade 3 and 6 students that our EQAO testing starts tomorrow. How can you support your child? A good nights’ sleep is always beneficial and attendance... Read More

Police Checks for Volunteers

Any parents or guardians who had police checks completed last school year or previous school years please be reminded that a declaration needs to be completed to keep updated. Please contact Ms. Masters... Read More

Parkview has Talent!

We are bursting with pride today! Our students showcased their singing, dancing, skipping and magic talents today. A big shoutout to Mrs. Smeaton for all of her efforts with this event! Read More

Track and Field Reminder

A reminder of our Track and Field event tomorrow! Please dress appropriately with comfortable clothing, a hat, sunscreen and running shoes. Read More

Classroom List 2017-2018

Teacher’s Name Classroom Grade
Mrs. Smeaton & Ms. Stock  Room 1 JK/SK
Mrs. Costello & Ms. Stokes Room 8 JK/SK
Ms. Brown/Mrs. Alcock & Mrs. Barton Room 7 JK/SK
Ms. Kennedy Room 2 1
Mr. Piggott Room 3 1
Ms. Lugtenburg Room 15 2
Mrs. Ryan  Room 16 2
Mr. Toplak Room 12 2/3
Mrs. Landreville Room 13 3
Mrs. Russell Room 14 3/4
Mrs. Webster  Room 18 4
Mrs. Miller  Portable 2 5
Mrs. Tomlinson  Room 17 5/6
Ms. Prentice  Portable 1 6
Ms. Jenkins Room 4 BRIDGE
Ms. Leavens Room 5 Practical Academics
Mr. MacLean PhysEd
Ms. Nadon  Library Library
Mr. Stochel  Portable 1 French
Mrs. Handley SERT


School Schedule



8:40 am

Period 1


Period 2

10:00 am

Period 3

10:40 am


11:00 am

Nutrition Break

11:20 am

Period 4

12:20 pm

Period 5

1:00 pm

Period 6

1:00 pm


1:20 pm

Nutrition Break

1:40 pm

Period 7

2: 20 pm

Period 8

3:00 pm

Home Time